Se Fue el Semestre

Everything coming to a close now after a successful reception of my independent study project and lots of play (surfing, concerts, pool parties…the rough life) these past couple weeks for which one must sacrifice some sleep! Nonetheless la vida es buena and I am grateful and a bit nostalgic for all that these past few months in Valparaíso has given me and am super psyched for the month ahead of me. Tomorrow I will hopefully head to Pichilemu with a few friends to camp, surf, and explore the area for 4 days until heading to Lima, Peru to meet up with the rest of my fam for what’s sure to be a great 10 day vacation. Then I will be returning to Valpo on Xmas-Eve to spend a few days with my Chilean host family before heading down to northern Patagonia in San Martin de Los Andes, Argentina to spend a few days with a friend through the new year and then finally back to Colorado on the 3rd of the year. So to say that life is sweet would be an understatement. Still, can’t wait to get back to everything and everyone that awaits me back in CO, skiing included, and Boston, lacrosse included.

Mi mamá, WiWi, y yo en nuestra cena final

Mi mamá, WiWi, y yo en nuestra cena final

If any of you have interest or Spanish skills and would like to check out my project, the link below will direct you to my written project and the complementary video that I hope to get some English subtitles on at some point. Hope you all enjoy! Abrazos gigantes.

ISP Escrito


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