Música Chilena

I’ve been lucky enough to be hearing a wide range of music while down in Chile. I’ve been getting a taste of some funk, rap, folk, socialist, rock, and of course mainstream club music. There’s a little bit of everything down here and the Chileans take great pride in their music. Everyday when I ride the metro to/from class, there is always someone performing on the train- anything from an older woman playing the recorder to hippies playing the guitar and bongo to a four piece band complete with trumpets and violins to adolescents freestyle rapping in Spanish. It’s all here and is a great representation of Chile’s immense diversity- in all senses. Even Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen shows great respect for Chile’s music culture. The Boss was just in Santiago last week playing a huge concert and ended the show with a tribute to Victor Jara, a leftist political musician who was tortured for 3 days and killed when the Golpe de Estado occurred in 1973, by playing his version of Jara’s “Manifesto.” The video is below as well as a small sampling of popular Chilean music.

I’ve not only being seeing great raw talent on public transportation but also been exposed to lots of different music in my house and from some of my Chilean friends. “Los Jaivas” is pretty much Chile’s version of The Grateful Dead. A timeless band that’s now being playing together for 50 years. Leftist música folklórica

Los Tetas” is a very fun Chilean funk band that can really get you movin’.

“Vruno” (real name Bruno Saldivar), an electronic music producer, that I met last week at an asado (a BBQ) in Valpo, has some great tribal house music tunes. Check his soundcloud out here.

Tiro de Gracia,” an urban hip-hop trio is a very popular group with kids my age. Some good tunes on their Myspace page.

Los Miserables” is a leftist punk rock band that became very popular after Pinochet’s regime fell.


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